360o Security


Advanced fraud detection and Prevention Measures


Active Vulnerability Management System


Live Monitoring of all Critical Resources


3D Secure

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection And Prevention

AggrePay has strong measures in place to detect and prevent online payment fraud. We identify suspicious transactions before they are processed. We look out for indicators that could potentially lead to fraudulent transactions. Our fraud protection engine monitors several indicators, some of which include:

Negative database checks

Velocity Checks

Bin based screening

Enhanced Security with 3D Secure


3D Secure is a feature designed to provide additional security for online Credit and Debit Card transactions


3D Secure


Best in Class Security & Protection


We take all measures required to detect and prevent Hacking, Tampering, Data theft, Security breach and Cyber attacks.


24/7 Monitoring

We monitor Intrusions and health of the Application and IT Infrastructure round the clock

Dynamic Hash Verification

Our dynamic hash verification algorithm ensures data is tamper proof and guarantees data integrity

Vulnerability Management

We have strong processes in place, to identify and remediate vulnerabilities at the earliest